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About the project Encounter
Insatiable desire to live – unites all these people. At first sight it seems, that each alive organism on our planet sufficiently is allocated by this desire... But feel a difference between " I wish to survive! " And " I wish to live to the full extent!!! ".

The majority of people, as well as all other alive organisms on a planet, aspire to survive. But there are people to whom "to survive" is not enough … They wish to live brightly, impudently, beautifully, vigorously …

Often participants are called "adrenalin junkies", equating them to fans of extreme kinds of sports is not absolutely exact comparison because in EN games the intellectual component has great value: it is not enough to be strong, courageous ,it is necessary still to be clever and creative. And during the time of game it is possible to call the players adrenalin junkies: they approach the edge, go into extremes... To find out sides of possibility, it is necessary to cross the line. The extreme itself is the line, border, limit. Behind the limit, behind red line - Encounter - a combat with unknown.

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