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About the project Encounter
On the one hand, it is alternative to boring weekends: to clubs, discos, bars... All this activity sooner or later gets boring. Then people opens for themselves EN - environment where everyone can prove that he is better, where everyone can find himself a spot, where everyone is the hero.

EN is an alternative to habitual outlook which means that everything in life happens as it is meant to happen and it is just necessary to sit and wait for the glory. Participation in games helps to come to simple, but to very important conclusion: you one are responsible for what happens in your life. Only YOU are the architect of your life and nobody else.

Each game is a small life. In each game there are targets, tasks, ways of solving them... The same way as it is in real life. Some people need to live the whole life to understand, whether they have chosen the correct way for achieving the purposes they have chosen. In the game the answer to this question becomes obvious by the morning after the game. If you waited, refused from the responsibility and did not accept courageous and risky decisions in game, as well as in a life, you cannot win. Game is a model of a life. If the person is aspired to victory (to achieve the targets) it is better to train on games, than on real lives: it is possible to play set of different games, but there is only one real life.

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