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About the project Encounter
It is very difficult to make the same recipe of happiness for each person on the Earth. But there are things which inevitably help with the search of own recipe of the happiness: freedom, responsibility, beauty, strength, intelligence.

We are deeply convinced, that to find happiness, each person should get rid first of all that prevents him from that.

We want, that people got rid of fears and phobias - our slogan: " It is silly to be afraid because there is nothing more terribly than the fear itself! "

We want, people not to sit at home and wait for some miracle to happen - ours slogan: " Не that seeks never misses "

We want, that people were placed with the prejudices - our slogan: " Impossible is possible! "

These are core ideas for the game, of course there are more, but these are the most important ones.

Our purpose - to help people to release reasons that prevent them from finding the recipe of the happiness. In the future we see ourselves more free, more responsible, more safe, more beautiful, more strong, more clever. We are people that accept a call of destiny, we are the future of this planet.

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